January 10, 2011

It's time for a little change.

Well, seeing as I rarely, if ever, update this blasted thing, I figured I would post a quick little entry entailing the future of it.

It seems, even though I still watch a crap ton of Horror as is, that I really haven't felt the need to review any of the films I've seen as of late. My strong opinions are still there, but just not as strong as they once were. Call it a dry spell, whatever, I have no idea. I guess my Blogging-Heart just isn't where it once was.

So, with that, I have decided to change things up a bit. All of my old entries will still be here, but the blog will be taking a new direction.

Running over Cujo with Christine will soon be dead. In its place will be "POP-Anonymous."

This will soon be a place where you can continue to read my own little insights/opinions on all things Pop Culture. Whether it (still) be certain movies, either underground, indie, or blockbusters...I'll still review. But I will also tackle fandom and the wild and totally asinine world of celebrity stardom. Basically this place will become an outlet for me to vent about everything that is weird, wrong, and hilariously twisted about today's Hollywood.

When this will officially happen, who knows? It will though. I promise.

And this is a promise I will actually keep.

December 15, 2010