January 21, 2010

Friday the 13th (film series) thoughts...

If you ask most die hard fans of the Friday the 13th films, they will tell you that the later films made by New Line Cinema aren't that great or are just plain awful. I have personally analyzed and thought about each film that was made by New Line and did draw the conclusion that they are pretty awful. The lack of continuity, the crappy dialogue, and don't get me started on the abysmal acting (not saying that the original series by Paramount (parts 1 -8) didn't have it's faults though).

It really occurred to me that New Line had no idea what in the hell they were doing and were mainly just trying to exploit the character of Jason Voorhees just as Paramount did and possibly squeeze a few pennies more out of the Franchise.

Jason became a product, look at all the merchandise that has come out since the early '90's. Exploiting the character, especially with Freddy vs. Jason. I like Jason goes to Hell more as a standalone film. Jason X has its moments butFreddy vs Jason is a mess. The movies don't have the F13 'feeling' Parts 1-8 had. But talking about that, the true F13 feeling for me ended with 5. None of the Paramount films were great works of art. The first five follow a relative simple and static formula that has a few differences, but don't deviate too greatly. Even if they were the best damn films ever made, it would eventually get tiresome and run it's course.

Starting with the fifth entry and moving all the way up to the eighth, Paramount tried to change things up. Jason was now completely different in character as his actions kept becoming more violent, his demeanor was of someone who just had to tear everything to pieces in a fit of rage, and he started even moving differently.

The story, continuity, and all that fun stuff was retconned back even once again creating a cluster fuck of what really happened to Jason. Heck, trying to piece together six, seven, and eight into a time line that works equals into having your head exploded by Michael Ironside via his Scanner's power.

So what did the New Line film's do that was so much worse? Jason Goes To Hell? Made the history of Jason even more convoluted, but by that point, it was already in the shitter so big whoop. It has a heal demon/whatever? Up to this point we have some retarded mongoloid who died, but didn't, but actually did die taking fatal damage and continuing to live only to eventually die, but get brought back to life even stronger and get stopped by some occult method to get set free to fight Carrie before being brought back to life again to drive a boat out of a lake. Yeah, by that point a hell baby wasn't that far fetched to me.

Oh, but maybe it's because Jason didn't act like Jason in any of the New Line films? Jason didn't act in a consistent manner in the Paramount films. First it's him taking on those that moved in next door to his old camp. He then goes after folks who are further down by the lake. Then it's folks in a morgue to eventually attacking people who aren't even right next to the lake. It got to the point where if you were in his way or somewhat, sorta, kinda near Camp Blood that he would come after you. Of course, why didn't he go after those folks who've lived there around the lake before? Shhhh shut up, that's why. Same deal up until he goes to Vancouver (New York). Here, you would think Jason would have a field day as there's tons of people between him and his prey and he even went out of his way to venture out from Camp Crystal Lake's area......oh wait, nope, he really doesn't mess with anyone in New York unless they actually try to get in his path. Now he's being picky.

So what about Jason X? It's nothing more than a regular Friday flick with a sci-fi backdrop. He's still roaming around killing expendable meat bags. Oh, his look changed? After his look changing between each film however many times, this shouldn't be an issue. Heck, by the end he's back at a planet that, while in the far future, has the fashion sense of what the late 80's-mid 90's brought us. Freddy Versus Jason. It's an event film. What the hell did you expect? Freddy fighting Jason is in the title so there you go. Did you want the film to portray Jason differently? Fair enough. Given what the film is about though, it's not going to be drastically different from what we got.

Then...we got the remake. That...I'm saving my thoughts on that abysmal piece of trash for another time.

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