January 23, 2010

The Halloween series...

Last night, I took a good 15 minutes of my friends time away from his life, and explained the entire HALLOWEEN film series to him. Beginning to end, the good and the bad, and the why the hell? And it really all started simply because HALLOWEEN 5 was on television, and he asked me, "Why does he do what he does, anyway?"

Which, of course, allows me to show off my (sad) pop culture knowledge. But, to keep him on the edge of his seat, I had to spice things up a bit with humor and witty sarcasm.

So, I got an idea. He told me, "If you could cut that down to maybe 5-10min, that would be awesome." Which, lead me to the idea that I should do that for my next video on my YouTube account. It's an idea I have been kicking around in the old crazy noggin' of mine, I've just never gone ahead and done so. And...my YouTube account could use a worthy video updating. For crying out loud, the last video I did had to do with food.

So anyway, I think it's something I am going to do. I'll definitely have to find a way to cut down most of the things I said to him to make the video a worthy length, and also all the more entertaining.

(Don't worry, I won't skip this one. How could I?)

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