February 24, 2010

Basket Case (1982)

Just when I thought I had found, or seen, every B-movie there is...this one was always begging for a review.

'Basket Case' has all the classic ingredients for a B-Movie. Bad Acting, terrible dialog...the works. But what makes this film especially weird is Belial. Not only is he a creepy, weird looking puppet, that was supposed to be attached to Duane at some point, he's also given one hell of a back story to go along with his murderous attitude. It's actually pretty impressive the amount of back story the two of them get, for a movie of this caliber. Normally, movies will throw a monster into a situation and just expect things to go with it, an hour and a half of gratuitous craziness.

Not that 'Basket Case' isn't these things as well, but at least you get to learn about Duane and Belial, and what brought them to where they are. So....it's explained gratuitous craziness, even if it's not very believable. And I'm sorry, I've gotta ask: What's up with putting Belial in the garbage after they were separated? No Bio Hazmat disposal in the 70's? Who knows? What I do know is scenes such as that really set the mood of the film. Where in...it shouldn't be taken seriously at all. Watching Belial, as a puppet throwing himself around screaming, to watching a stop motion version of him throw stuff around. Thought Control, glowing red eyes, etc...

If you like your B-Movies ridiculous and over the top, then I'm sure 'Basket Case' is for you.

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