February 24, 2010

Review: Carrie (1976)

'Carrie' is another film based on a Stephen King novel, but it's a bit different. If you strip down the film to it's core, where there are teens going to a Prom, a very religious mother, and her daughter harnesses the power of Telekinesis, it sounds really strange and a little cluttered. But surprisingly it all works out pretty well. 'Carrie' could be interpreted in a lot of ways. It could be a simple 'nerds revenge' story, or her powers could be the power of P.M.S...or the devil, but what's the difference, am I right fellas? I'm just kidding ladies, after all this is a diamond in the rough of Horror, and a somewhat serious film for women.

Now, that's not to say that men can't enjoy 'Carrie' as well. But, it deals with a couple of issues that might hit home with some women. And who better to do that than Sissy Spacek? She does such a good job at playing Carrie, from where the point when she is picked on at school, to the point where she sees a bit of good fortune, your heart melts just seeing her actually be happy for once. This is partly due to the story as well, as it really is a build up, not for just the character of Carrie, but also the payoff towards the end. Which is both Triumphant and sad. 'Carrie' is a definite watch for anyone looking for more of an emotional driven Horror movie.

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