July 3, 2010

What's going on?!

I'd just like to take some time to clear up the reasons as to why I haven't been giving this little ol' blog as much attention as I once did.

The past few months have been really hectic for me. I've had to relocate my living environment, as well as get my act together in the whole employment side of life. That has all worked out for the better, as I am now trying to stabilize two jobs. As of recently, any free time I have is practically devoted to sleep, or just simple relaxation.

I did a couple of quick entries lately, but not ones I am entirely happy with. I would love to be able to get back to the constant posts that once filled this blog, but my personal life has become my main priority. I have responsibilities to take care of, mostly for my future.

But don't you fret my little droogies, soon enough posts here shall become frequent, as there is no way I will ever let go of my Horror Blogosphere friends. I'm here to stay.

In fact, due to a recent contest I won over at Day of the Women, my nearest movie review will be of "The Commune."

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