April 10, 2010

A few quick thoughts on True Blood

(Taken from an old Blog I posted on my Facebook)

Why does everyone like this show?

I've honestly given it a shot. A couple of shots, actually. It's just revolting. The show lacks quality storyline, and quality acting. It's really popular with the "general" population.

It's basically Twilight with horny rednecks. No one in their right mind can sit there and tell me that they watch it for the storyline and characters. Give me a break, you watch it for THE TITS. I don't care who you are, male or female...that seems to be the only thing the show's got going for it.

With the exception of a few of its cast, the acting is terrible, the directing haphazard at best, plot content weak and uninspired, continuity Skippy and sub par, in short, a slow visual and intelectual trainwreck of a show.

I really would enjoy an intelligent tv drama about vampires with a much greater level of "plausibility," than the ridiculous leaps of faith and suspended disbelief that this series requires of me.

True Blood relies way too much on gratuitous sexual content to capture the interest of a viewer demographic.

Again, I would very much like to one day see the cultural phenomenon of vampire lore truly well represented in a trascendent manner, not one that caters specifically to current trends and lack of imagination. The character of the vampire deserves far better representation than its current parody of new age, and overly cliched exposure.

The acting is bad. The writing is bad to the point where it's practically high school level shit. Shit like this you can usually find on WB (The CW)—no it’s HBO, the same channel that once brought me Six Feet Under, Deadwood, and The Sopranos, is now churning out this excuse for a show. Gratuitous sex scenes here and there and everywhere, it's mind numbingly ridiculous. I feel that the people that watch this show are really grasping straws when it comes to excuses as to why they enjoy it. Because of all the things I've pointed out, I can't find one single solitary thing that is good about this show.

The viewers this show takes in are ridiculous. They eat up this new wave of Vampire propaganda like Hot Cakes. Yay, tonight I get to see more terrible acting, blood and tits everywhere (for no apparent fucking reason whatsoever other than to stimulate what male audience this gathers!)

And I really wonder why this show attracts female viewers also. Oh yeah, that's right...It's a little thing called taste. Something that the viewers of True Blood have zero of, and that's a proven fact given that they watch this show.

This is obviously a cult phenomenon, and will continue to be one, much to my chagrin. The audience will always be there, stupid as always, and horned up as all hell. Damn Fang bangers.

No thank you.

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