April 17, 2010

The world of...Horror Conventions.

Believe it or not, I have never been to a Horror convention. Yes, I, a lover of all things Horror, has never once step foot into a Horror convention.

Horror conventions attract a pretty signature array of people. Those who have been loyal to the genre their whole life, those people who know the in's and outs, collectors, Cosplayers, etc. But, without a doubt, they're all there for one thing and one thing only: HORROR. They love it. Now, seeing as I have never had the glorious opportunity to be graced with the ability to attend such lavish events, I'm sure that each one is nothing but a fun atmosphere with tons of fans scurrying around the locations from the wee hours of the morning, until under the cover of the night darkness.

Now, if I were to attend such an event, I know for a fact that I would inevitably stock up on some collectibles. Whether they be Figures, posters, old magazines, shirts, etc...I'm there. Gotta display my love for Horror loud and proud, people. Taking pictures is a must as well, so you can document all of the crazy things you've seen such as the costumes people wear, booths, Q&A's, etc. This is a once in a lifetime event, best be making some sort of visual documentation to look fondly back upon.

Then...it comes to the celebrities who are kind enough to grace you with their presence. They've taken the time out of their lives to greet you, the fan, who has come to show their undying appreciation for their work, craft, and everything they've done for you. Many celebrities of 80's Horror once swore of their fans, but as time passed, they were more open to it, as they discovered the underground world of Horror fans and how much they truly love the genre and everything it has done for them. In turn, Actors and Actresses grew to have a great deal of respect towards their fans, and if an Autographed picture, a handshake, and being able to stand next to them for a snapshot is enough to brighten their lives a little bit more...then they'd be more than happy to do so.

And everything I have just made mention of...I have never experienced. From all the stories I've read, pictures I've seen, and missed opportunities due to finances and things of the sort...It truly sounds like a remarkable time, one I hope that one day I am able to live out.

(I MUST meet Bruce Campell)

(Robert Englund would be Killer.)

(Clive Barker:To get his Autograph, along with picture taken...it'd be the highlight of my life.)

(Elvira: Obviously...)
And too many more to name...


  1. Excellent post. I have never attended a convention either, hope you are able to someday.

    Cool blog man, and digging the name of it.

  2. Conventions are like drugs though. You quickly become addicted and tweak out when you go to your next one :)

  3. I love conventions, but there's definitely, like BJ-C said, a certain up-and-downness about them. It's easy to spend wayyyyy too much money on stuff you can find cheaper online, and sometimes, the celebrities can be disappointing (infamous boo on Tom Savini) or even a little sad. The hardest part for me is talking to celebrities who I want to talk to, but don't want to pay for an autograph or photo. I don't have a problem dropping a few bucks on someone/something I really want or respect (I'm quite proud of my Davy Jones signed 8x10 hanging over my toilet, Jack Ketchum signed book of short stories, and now, Grant Cramer signed Killer Klowns poster) but sometimes I just can't afford it.

    Still, you should definitely give them a try. So far, I found Rock'n Shock (near Boston) to be the best time, just because it was fairly small and it was easy to bump around.

    Main thing: decide how much money you want to spend in a day, do a big walk around of the vending area before you buy anything, and have fun.