April 22, 2010

A little update on the future of this blog... *UPDATED*

I have recently been on a really great streak as of late with this thing. Meeting great people, posting a lot more than I started off with, etc. But now, my life is taking a positive turn, and I felt the need to update my readers.

I went to a job interview, and well, things are finally starting to look up.

Interview went very well. So well in fact that I was offered the full time position right then and there, and I accepted. As I left, I got a call from another business asking if I would like to come in Monday morning for an interview for a full time position.

I am going to the interview Monday, and hope that one works out as well as the first...and if so, I am going with the second job, simply because they have benefits (certain insurances) and the positions are along the lines of dealing with experience I have had in the past.

Both jobs are full time positions, with pretty solid hours. I am hoping the second one works out, and if not, at least I have another job to fall back on.

With that, I am probably moving sometime next week, possibly even this Sunday. And, because of that, my time online might not be as much as it currently is. Blog updates will be rare, time on here also rare.

I will try my best to still be in contact with those of you who have been in great contact with me, as well as attempts to keep this blog still going. I love doing this, and all the people I have gotten to know in the past few weeks, so there is no way I would just up and leave you all.

UPDATE: For any of you who may be interested, I was interviewed yet again, this time by Rhonny Reaper over at "Dollar Bin Horror." You can check out the interview here

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