April 16, 2010

May (2002)

At first maybe it's a romance, then again maybe it's a thriller. Maybe it's some kind of light or dark hearted comedy. At first glance you might just think it's a horror film. But, MAY doesn't aspire to go towards any certain film label, and I feel that's what makes this film work. There are many moment's in the film that will either grab you and pull you in, or turn you off and result in nothing but loathing.

Angela Bettis is excellent in the role of May. She's really beautiful, vulnerable, as well as expressive without even having to doing much. She gives May a certain quality that can only be described as understated... yet still intense. She has a great ability to say more with a look rather than endless nutty dialog. She is longing for something she can not have, and deals with it the only way she knows how. It basically comes down to being a strangely beautiful character study about a lonely girl who really just wants a friend.

Lucky McKee (Director) really crafted a fascinating look into the eyes of someone with mental problems, by being able to do what few films can anymore. He is able to allow us, the viewer, to see a part of ourselves that is manifested in May. I'm sure that at one point or another in our lives we've all been treated like crap, made fun of, been ridiculed, and maybe to the point where we were mentally near the deep end. Because of this, I felt pity for May even if I shouldn't have.

It's a wonderfully original twisted film that will leave the viewer stunned in some capacity. I feel that the less you know about MAY going in, the more shocking the series of events that follow the climax is. Even if you have heard some things about it, please don't be so quick to make assumptions. The film goes in a direction that most films of the genre only rarely hint at... but never really commit to anymore. Thus, resulting in a story which alternates between a different form of tenderness, with a certain sense of terror.

You will not walk away from it unaffected. Lucky McKee has seen to that. There are probably many people out there who will find some faults with MAY, but it's that kind of movie. You either love it, or you hate it. I love the film, beginning to end. Not much middle ground for me.

But do yourself a favor... see this movie.

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