April 24, 2010

A few thoughts on...

Once in a great while, I have a few Horror topics on my mind all at the same time, but not enough meat to really warrant a full blown blog entry. So I figured, "Screw it, just put it all there anyway." So, here a few little tidbits of Horror related thoughts I've had as of late:

The Nightmare on Elm Street remake:

I'm not swayed or put off in any way just yet, except for the fact that I am really hoping that things from the script that I absolutley loathed are nowhere to be found in the finished product. I can only be so hard on it as I can, namely because of the things that Platinum Dunes keep saying how this one is supposed to be more "dark and serious." Well, I hope they prove that, because the last time they said this shit...we got the Friday the 13th remake. I have yet to utter the words "I'm excited" or "I'm looking forward to it" with this. It's just been "yeah, I'll see it."

Remaking Classic Horror icons...and Rob Zombie:

Let's face it. The big Horror icons of the late 70's and mid 80's are pretty hard to revisit successfully for the hardcore Horror audience. Freddy may be an easier sell, given how well known the character is over Jason, Michael Myers, and Leatherface. Just look at their sequels...they didn't really age all that well to begin with. And with that, one of the big Horror characters...was put into the hands of Rob Zombie. There are a bunch of people who made a terrible fucking decision, but it all falls mostly into Mr. Cummings' lap. Scripts were HORRIBLE. Zombie was definitley trying too hard. The look of H2 was good, though. That's the only positive I can give it.

You'd think that being such a self proclaimed HUGE fan of the original Halloween, that he would have at least treated it with a bit more respect, instead of taking a nice juicey shit all over it. I think he let his art get in the way of a story, while still trying to BE Rob Zombie. While I understand that it's "Rob Zombie's Halloween," he still should have, in some way, showed his appreciation for it, while not throwing in 'trademark' Rob Zombie stuff. It didn't really need all that shit, to try and take a classic story and throw in all this apparent harsh and dark crap.

I feel that in the first one he did, the last half of the movie was pretty good. If he stretched that out to an hour and a half, that would have been a perfect remake. Instead we were forced with all of this Trailer trash upbringing horseshit, along with Rapey institution employees. AND FOR FUCK'S SAKE, H2 was a steaming pile of ass juice.

With his first Halloween outing, I think if he had started it off at Smiths Grove, with Michael already grown up, and only talk of murdering his sister when he was younger, then breaking out, it would have been perfect. And, they should have gone back to the original premise with the character, too: He's an escaped Mental patient who just so happens to go after Laurie because it was a random target.

The levels of Excitement for remakes...and how you can let yourself down:

With Friday the 13th, I thought it was going to turn out great. The trailers had me excited, hearing that it was a mixture of the first four got me pumped because those are my favorite...then....I saw it, and fucking hated it and myself. With The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I was really looking forward to it. I loved the original, andwas a little apprehensive given how classic the first one is. Saw the remake, enjoyed it, but as time went on, I saw a lot that I hate in it. It's still enjoyable, but not so much anymore.

Horror-centric Television:

I think it's about time that we get some Horror-centric television shows back. Have Elvira come back and host a show. Hell, bring back good ol' Joe Bob Briggs! Give them a Friday night slot on either AMC or even better, IFC. I think what would be even better would be if there was a channel devoted 24/7 to Horror. FearNet is okay with it's OnDemand stuff, but doesn't fill my Horror needs as much as I'd like it too. A 24/7 Horror programming channel would be amazing. I want one with basic cable.

(I want to see the Drive in Totals make a Come back!)

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  1. I miss Joe Bob and Elvira. Those were the days...