March 17, 2010

Leprechaun (1993)

Leprechaun is a fantastic B-Movie. It's all there: Bad acting, ridiculous plot, Jennifer Aniston. Anyway, I like how they incorporated all of the Leprechaun lore from being a shoe fanatic, to their being gold at the end of a rainbow. Any "knowledge" you have of Leprechauns will either be expanded upon in this film, or have it beat over your head via all kinds of silliness.

I like how the Leprechaun's behavior is based simply on manners. It's not nice to steal his gold, or make fun of the guy...regardless, he's going to kill you anyway, even death by Pogo stick. There is a lot of little stuff to take in and look out for when watching this flick. "3 guys that paint" is the name of the Painting company...nice. As well as the Leprechaun's interactions with a knock off box of Lucky Charms, ending with him spitting the cereal out in disgust.

There is so much B-Movie criteria that fits into this film, there is almost too much to list.

None of the Leprechaun films are what I would consider good films. They are all popcorn fun little movies. The films are those kind of films that one would consider to be "so bad that they are good films." Then again, movies like Ghoulies, Troll, and Critters make the Leprechaun films look like 5 star academy award winners. They are far from good, they are mainly horror films that make you laugh and entertain you. It's hard not to laugh at shit in the first Leprechaun like the tricycle ride, the fact that they were throwing shoes at the Laprechaun to shine to pre-occupy him so they could get away. And even was it 2 or 3 where the guy was turning into a Leprechaun and he then had a craving for potatoes, assuming Irish people eat a lot of potatoes?

I'm a sucker for the Leprechaun, Ghoulies, mostly anything Full Moon, and stuff like that. Sometimes I just need a break from the real world of paying bills to just let my mind relax in a fantasy world as corny as that sounds.

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