March 10, 2010

Stephen King's: Silver Bullet (1985)

Due to the recent passing of Corey Haim, I popped this bad boy in today shortly after news had broke out. Now, I had not seen this movie in quite some time (probably as far back as a teenager), but I had many fond memories of the film, so I knew I was still going to enjoy it.

And you know what? I definitely did. At it's core, it still has a great story, cast, setting, characters, etc. Corey Haim plays the innocent type very well in this flick, and I think the whole aspect to the character of 'I'm telling the truth!' is something that a lot of us can resonate with at some point in our lives. Gary Busey, is...well...80's Gary Busey, but nicer of course, seeing as he is after all playing Uncle Red (an alcoholic trying to overcome that side of himself due to a recent divorce.) Everett McGill plays Reverend Lowe fairly well. Granted, we don't know too much about him (other than one fucked up dream he has, which still freaks me out to this day.) His confrontation with Marty (Haim) at the abandoned bridge is a great scene, too.

I know An American Werewolf in London and The Howling usually get all the praise, but for my money, THIS is the best Werewolf movie of the 80's. Hands down. I think based partially on the fact that I watched this film MANY times as a kid, that it inevitably stuck with me, based largely on Corey Haim, being a Werewolf movie.

I think the film works well as a coming of age story with all the Horror elements thrown in for good measure. The Horror elements aren't too far fetched, given what we're dealing with. A Decapitated head here, slashed face there, beatings with Baseball Bat (via Werewolf, of course), but not the amount of 'too much' to go off into a different direction than what it was aiming for. It definitely plays on suspense.

Feel like reliving an old classic, or honoring Corey Haim in the Horror Universe (besides The Lost Boys?) Then pick this bad boy up.

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