March 10, 2010

R.I.P Corey Haim


As some of you may already know, Corey Haim has passed away at the age of 38 to an accidental overdose. While this news is sad in it's own right, I feel the need to explain myself as to why his death is pretty near and dear to me.

I am a child of the 80's and 90's film era. Granted, yes, I was born in 86, but the way I was raised, I was opened up to practically the entire decade of the 80's of which film had to offer. And apart from all the Horror that sticks out, I distinctly remember Corey Haim, particularly "The Lost Boys." I grew up on that. Same goes for "Lucas" and "Stephen Kings: Silver Bullet." His death just feels like a low blow to my childhood.

I mean, sure, there will always be people who say "Why do you care, it's not like you knew him." (I heard that when Heath Ledger passed) But, Celebrity deaths that get me all worked up are close to me because I either grew up on watching them, or I really admired what they did in the world of film. And, I am a huge Pop Culture of the 80's and 90's geek, so it's going to get to me, regardless if I knew them personally or not. It's the same case if someone pretty young cried over the passing of John Ritter, or maybe even their favorite musician. The person was able to make some sort of connection in your life and you make some sort of bond with them. It only makes sense to be a little crushed when news of their passing comes out. I mean, just look at how many lives Michael Jackson touched, and see the outpouring of grief and hurt when he passed away.

I distinctly remember being really young and hearing about John Candy passing away. That recked me. Same goes for Chris Farley. I was a young shy fat kid, so in a way I looked up to Farley, and I used my weight as a source for humor, so when Farley passed I was totally distraught.

I remember on the one year anniversary of Heath Ledgers passing, we watched a good handful of his Movies. From 10 Things I hate about you, A Knight's Tale, Lords of Dogtown, Candy, etc. It's because we all admired him as an actor, the craft he brought to acting, and who he was.

So, to be blunt, do NOT give me shit when it comes to a Celebrity passing that you just may not "understand" why I feel the way I do. You may not get it, but I sure do.

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