March 14, 2010

Shutter Island (2010)

Saw this last night, and I absolutely loved it. Yes, there is some talk about the ending already swirling around the wild world of the internet, inevitably spoiling it for those who either haven't read the book nor seen the film yet. But, even if it was spoiled for you, there is so much more to it than what some people may/may not be don't let there stupid attempts at ruining a movie for you get you down, or give up hope on the film.

It's a deep movie. It's not just about the "what," it's also about the "why."

Most people that watch it can probably figure some things out. The story takes a few turns that throw you off track. And that's where the movie definitely plays with your head. But even if you know what is happening, figuring out why it is happening is just as important and is not easily apparent. The characters were great. The story was great. The visuals and atmosphere were awesome. I like how the ending was almost ambiguous. You can interpret it either way.

It was great to see a film finally get all of those psychological and psychiatrical things right, too.

The whole thing is about layers, which is what Film Noirs do. They have a lot of "little" stories that layer on top of each other. They are often subtle that way everything else takes center stage, which is the beauty of it. If the story is the weak part, then overall, the movie succeeded, because that is the intention.

There are so many layers on top of layers, if you focus on the emotional part of the story, you will get shortchanged. As far as film noir goes, the layers thing isn't just exclusive to it, but it is one of the main traits. It is supposed to be dark, mysterious, subtle, with a lot of conspiracy talk. The Dream sequences in the film were superb, as they came across as almost otherworldly, and Scorsese was able to get these images and feelings across superbly. Simply because the way they were shot, as well as the sounds, they felt as if they could be dreams/nightmares that anyone could have, or has had. Those scenes were some of the best I've seen in a big commercial movie in years.

Leonardo DiCaprio gave a VERY passionate and convincing performance. Post Titanic, He's become one of my favorite actors, and man, some of his scenes in this movie were gut-wrenching.

Is there a shorter word for "amazing film that had me interested every second which had great actors, great story, and shocking plot twists"? Oh yeah - Shutter Island.

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