March 6, 2010

Whatever happened to...

Whatever happened to the days when Horror films used to scare us? The days when a story could garner such a response from the viewer that would make their palms sweaty, heart beat just a little faster, shoulders hunched, knowing full well that something is about to happen. It's all psychological. To be able to move someone with such a feeling of horror, dread, fear...takes tremendous talent in both writing, and directing.

I'll tell you what happened. Companies started to care less and less about what the product had to give, and only focused all of it's attention on the look, style, and whatever they could to make it look nice. They threw proper characterization out the window, and decided to go with the 'perfect' looking group of people. The type of people who you know don't really exist in today's world. The type of people who you can't identify with, nor give a shit if they were whacked off at any given point in the movie. They're practically making you root for the bad guy, and all of the glorious splendor of gore, tits and ass that comes along with it.

Money also became a big issue. No more were companies looking for a product that they believed in 100% because they knew they had something special, to push the very boundaries of film making just so someone could get their shot at presented a unique story. Dollar signs are all that matter now. Box office is all that matters now. Not the story, the product, the writing, etc. If they feel that this isn't going to make their companies wallets fatter or bank accounts sky rocket, then it doesn't matter, and will just become trash bin clutter.

Give me someone to look forward to. Give me something, that by hearing murmurings on the internet, watching trailers or clips, that will allow the film to stand out in a way to say "This is what you've been waiting for." A film that undoubtedly takes everything I have ever wanted out of a scare, and packs it into an hour and a half (or longer.) Take me on a thrill ride. And once that ride is over...I'll never forget it.

Think back, to the very first time you ever saw a Horror film. The first time it scared you. All those mixed emotions you were feeling. In a way, it was such a rush of adrenaline, while scaring you, it also excited you. Now, being 23 years old, and with my vast experience of being raised off of Horror films, I have yet to experience those feelings from a film for quite some time (since I was 6, to be exact).

That's all I'm asking. Scare me.

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